Ickenham Youth FC U18 Allied Team - Aviva Funding

Currently the club is unable to offer a pathway for our young boys and girls beyond U17's and we believe that this is contributing to a reduction in the number of playing members at the upper age groups.  

We are very keen to be able to offer footballing opportunities for all from 4 years to 18. By offering football at the U18 level we hope this will be of inspiration to younger playing members as they get older, that they continue to play even with so many other pressures in later years.  

How can you help?  

The Aviva Community Fund is decided upon by way of local community voting and so it needs everyone to get behind the project if we are to be successful.

Below is a link that will give you an opportunity to vote for Ickenham Youth. However, we need to do more than just vote. Please can you share the link amongst friends, work colleagues, Twitter, Facebook, other social media channels and anyone else who may be able to help or vote for our project. The project with the most votes goes before a panel for selection before the final decision is made.  

Please follow the link below to vote and share far and wide:


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